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  • Easy to Operate with controls at operator’s station

    The Broce Curb Sweeper is a special option available on all 4-wheel model Brice Brooms. This attachment has been designed to help clean in places that are tough to reach and are outside the sweeping radius of the main broom core.

    The Broce Curb Sweeper features a 27″ diameter brush, heavy-duty construction, a reversible hydraulic motor and hydraulically operated float and down pressure for heavy sweeping.

  • Keep the dust to a minimum for convernience and safety

    Our 150 gallon rust proof water spray system consists of a low profile polyethylene tank, 2.1 gpm electric pump, strainer filter and 8 spray nozzles to control excessive dust with the push of a button. This system also includes a back flow valve to prevent tank drainage when not in use.

  • Engine options & ease of maintenance

    The enclosed engine cover is standard equipment on all Broce Broom. With John Deere, Cummins, Caterpillar and Kubota diesel engines to choose from, we can meet your power unit requirements.

  • Defroster Plenum

    Plenum utilizes the fan and the warm air from the heater and has three vents to direct the warm air onto the windshield.

  • Hydrostatic drive with 2 speed gear box

    All Broce Brooms are supplied with our unique hydrostatic drive train and with a hot oil shuttle built into the drive motor for continuous oil flow back to the cooler.

  • Direct drive core motor

    Broce uses a Danfoss HD High Torque Motor with two roller bearings designed for the high side loads. Now a full 8 ft. brush.

  • Use the blade for cleaning behind your milling machine or chip and seal jobs

    The blade will hydraulically lift verticaly for clearance and angle right to left with a control located at operator’s station. A quick coupling allows the blade to be removed when not in use. The replaceable cutting edge will give hours of continued use.

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